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How We Address Your Eleven Most Common Fears
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1. Research the space by looking at other apartments in the building, obtaining blueprints for the building, and consulting with the superintendent and managing agent who might have knowledge that will save you time and money.

2. Plan your project carefully. Use either a designer or an architect. We can provide referrals.

3. Decide on your color palette, your furniture, carpeting and window treatment before beginning construction.

4. Communicate your wishes thoroughly and early.

5. If we are working in an inhabited space, pack and move your possessions.

6. If you are providing the materials, have them on site before they are needed.

7. Secure access to all required spaces.

8. Make all necessary arrangements with the superintendent, managing agents and neighbors.

9. Be decisive. Try to keep changing your mind to a minimum.

10. Trust us to do our work well.

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How We Address Your Eleven Most Common Fears

1. The contractor will take my deposit and then disappear.

After you sign a contract with Renaissance Renovations and give a deposit according to the terms of your contract, you and Renaissance enter into a preparatory phase of the project. The careful planning done by you and Renaissance at this juncture will help pave the way for smooth sailing once the start date arrives.

You will be making design choices and purchasing materials, Renaissance will be acquiring the necessary permits and construction materials. Together we will decide on a start date. We will be in touch with each other during the preparatory phase, exchanging information as necessary.

On the agreed upon start date, the first crew will arrive and begin work. We will work straight through until the job is completed.

2. The contractor will work for a period of time and then disappear.

We want your job finished as much as you do! If for any reason we run out of work on one aspect of your project, for example, a vital fixture or stone or other material has not been delivered through no fault of yours or ours, we will work on another part of the job. If that is not possible or we have completed everything else, we will remain engaged with your project and return within four days of the arrival of the needed material.

3. There will be long periods of time where no work will be done on my project because the contractor is doing other jobs.

We commit to you that we will work daily on your project until completion.

4. The contractor will low-ball a job and then charge endless extras.

We at Renaissance Renovations hate change orders as much as you do. Our estimating process is thorough and accurate. (See Ten Ways of Eliminate Change Orders)

5. The contractor will not complete the punch list.

The punch list is as important as any phase of the project and must be addressed with the same focus and diligence as everything else. That is why we have a talented group of highly skilled workers who attend only to the details of the punch list. (See Punch List)

6. The project will never end.

Yes it will. The project will end and it will end well. We invite you to speak with other customers. (See Referrals)

7. The costs will escalate out of control.

Renaissance will work with you to keep the project within your budget. We will work with you to find less expensive alternatives should that become necessary.

8. The workmanship will be poor.

Our people are experts in their fields with 20 years of experience in many cases. Please feel free to speak with other clients and to peruse our portfolio. (See Referrals)

9. The workers will steal my belongings.

Our staff members, like our customers, are hard working people of integrity.

10. My things will get broken.

Before starting work we carefully protect the surrounding area. We urge our customers to pack up their fine objets d'art before we arrive. If you need help packing and wrapping your things, we would be happy to provide that service for you.

11. The workers will drink or take drugs.

Alcohol and drugs use on the job is not tolerated at Renaissance Renovations. The work day is a time to be focused and clear headed. Our project manager and owner assure you that none of our trade's people violate that policy. Such violation is grounds for immediate dismissal.