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We couldn't be more pleased with the work of Renaissance Renovations. They undertook a major expansion and redesign of our headquarters office in New York. Their work was high-quality, professional, cost-effective and flawless and it was done with minimal disruption. Renaissance Renovations is our preferred contractor from now on. We recommend Nina Simon and her team.

— David Gold
Global Health Strategies

I am a completely satisfied and happy customer. Mr. M. was lovely. He arrived on time. He took care of my problem efficiently. He is a lovely guy. I look forward to using your services again in the future. Thank you very much. All is well.

— Elizabeth Duffy

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a permit for my job?
  • You need a plumbing permit if you are changing the location of a fixture or are running new lines.
  • You need an electrical permit if you are changing the service, rewiring or changing from fuses to circuit breakers.
  • You need a building permit if you are moving walls, changing egress, changing the number of rooms or joining two apartments.
Who will get the permit for me?
  • Our professional plumbers and electricians will get the necessary permits prior to starting the job.
  • Our architect can prepare the drawings and paper work needed to pull a building permit. Our expeditors can secure the permit within days of receiving the paperwork.
What about inspections?
We will arrange to have our work inspected by the building department.


Do you have a license?
Renaissance Renovations carries a Home Improvement Contractor license and is filed with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

In addition, our plumbers and electricians are all licensed. Only licensed professionals can work in many of New York's better buildings. Only licensed plumbers and electricians can pull the proper permits to allow the work to be filed.


Are you covered by insurance?
All of our workers are covered by Worker's Compensation insurance. We also carry two million dollars of liability insurance.

In 30 years of working in the trades, we have never made a claim on our policy.


Where shall I buy my materials?
We have associations with many of New York's best suppliers. We can direct you to a number of suppliers. We will give you the name of a representative who will be waiting for you, briefed by us with necessary information about your needs. We will also make sure that you receive a discount on your purchases wherever possible.

I have no time to shop. How will we ever be able to start work?
We can guide you through product selection in the comfort of your home. One of our trained professionals will help you to define your style and bring you catalogs and samples of products. We will be able to direct you to web sites and will peruse them with you. Whether you need plumbing fixtures or fittings, tiles, doors, molding, window treatment, stone or hardware, we can help you get it. We will place the order with you or for you and then track it through delivery to your place of renovation.


Can you provide references?
We are constantly updating our testimonial page on our web site. We are happy to provide you with either photographs or the telephone number of a client who had a job similar to yours. We protect the privacy of our clients, so we will always call and ask their permission before providing you with their telephone number or email address.


Can I get your contractor's discount on the materials?
Many of our suppliers are able to give our customers a discount on certain materials.