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Nina Simon,
Founder & President

I would like to recommend Nina Simon, Renaissance Renovations, 917-647-9842. She recently completed my son's studio apartment in four weeks, as promised. This entailed a new kitchen, top to bottom, with appliances, new bathroom completely tiled, great paint job on miserable walls, floor scraping, etc. She did all the ordering of materials. She was on time, on budget and my son received daily progress reports via e-mail with copies to me. And ... she answered phone calls.

— Lorraine Friedberg,
Vice president,
The Corcoran Group

Just a note to say I'm thinking of you - actually I think of you most every day. I walk into my kitchen every morning and feel like a prince! I feel very blessed living in this apartment with the kitchen and bathroom we created. There are so many wonderful details. Everyone comments on the backsplash when they 1st see the kitchen; but for me it's the counters, sink, window, and floor that give me the most daily pleasure.

— Frank Carson, PhD.

I recommend Renaissance Renovations. Nina Simon has integrity and a genuine interest in helping her clients make great spaces. Her crew takes pride in beautiful workmanship and a job well done. I feel lucky because working with the Renaissance Team was a really enjoyable experience-- I've not heard many people say that about their contractor!

— Kira Craft

We are very happy with our kitchen update by Renaissance Renovations. The new countertops, backsplash and fixtures are lovely. Our old cabinets were expertly repaired and painted. Fitted with new hardware, they look new with the classic appearance that befits our old house. And, at the end of the project the contractor provided a cleaning service so that we were able to start using the kitchen immediately.

This is our second renovation by Renaissance Renovations, and we intend to use this contractor for the next project we're already planning.

— Kay Stern,
Riverdale, NY

I enthusiastically recommend Renaissance Renovations as a first rate contracting firm. They approached renovating my office with professionalism, efficiency and creativity. They were able to sound proof, paint and redo the kitchen with speed and flair. The process was collaborative and comfortable.

— Nechama Sorscher, Ph.D.

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About Us

Statement of Work Ethic and Values   |   Our 14 Points of Culture   |   How We Work
Our "Punch List" Team   |   Our Founder

What Makes Us Special

We can commit to starting your job when you want us in 90% of the cases.

From the free project consultation to the time you receive a comprehensive, thoughtful and thorough written estimate is no more that ten days.

We are a bright and creative team that can help you solve difficult problems in creative ways. We find innovative answers to complex questions and give you more than one option.

We think out of the box. Our flexibility allows us to approach our work from different angles. We are not afraid to try new things. We are not rigid and are happy to rearrange our plans to suit your needs.

We give you our all. The project manager assigned to your job will be on site daily from the beginning to the end. The crew members will be consistent. Our owner supervises each and every job closely with frequent on site visits and fluid telephone communication with the project managers.

Every job is important to us. We don't advertise, and instead rely on the satisfaction of our customers for referrals on future projects. Our goal is to thrill you.

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Statement of Work Ethic and Values

The word "Renaissance" means rebirth. It harkens back to a time in history also referred to as the "Age of Enlightenment". This was a time when dramatic advances were being made in science, medicine and the arts.

Renaissance Renovations is aptly named. We are excited by hard work and a challenge. We have fluency in modern techniques and materials. Our skilled trades people work conscientiously and diligently to deliver high quality results to our clients on time and on budget.

We are focused on our work. We give each of the tasks with which we are presented the time and care to accomplish them in the most professional and flawless manner possible in the field today.

The input of the various trades required to produce a completed project are woven together seamlessly to create a fine and intricate fabric which will enhance your living and/or working environment.

Our Values:

We care about you, your neighbors, your customers and your employees.
We gear our work schedule as much as possible to accommodate the flow of your life and business.
We protect public spaces.
We don't do noisy work before 9 AM or after 4:30 PM.
We leave the work site clean.
We remove the debris in a timely manner.

We commit to our clients:
  • To provide the highest quality workmanship.
  • To use only top rated construction materials.
  • To communicate fully at all times.
  • To see your project through from start to finish in a consistent and professional way.
We understand that we are in your home or place of business.
We show that by:
  • Protecting spaces and surfaces not being worked on.
  • Cleaning up.
  • Not playing the radio loudly.
  • Not smoking on the job unless you give permission to do so.
  • Not speaking in excessively loud voices.
We are responsible and professional.
We do what we say we will and we do it well.
We arrive when we say we will arrive.
We work daily from start to finish.
We work as long as it takes to get the job done properly.
We communicate schedule changes immediately.

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    We commit 100% of our talents and attention to each project.

    We are truly responsible for all aspects of each project.

    We are always truthful. We deliver what we promise. We only make agreements that we intend to honor. We communicate problems at the first opportunity.

    We deliver products and services of exceptional quality.

    We speak positively of our clients, suppliers and fellow trades-people both in public and in private. We never engage in sarcastic, negative language. We don't gossip. We acknowledge what is being said as true for the speaker at that moment and take responsibility for our communication. We speak clearly and in a straight forward manner.

    We focus our thoughts, energy and attention on the successful outcome of whatever we are doing. At all times, we display inner pride, competence and confidence. We are a successful organization.

    We learn from our mistakes. We learn from each other and from all with whom we come in contact. We consistently learn, grow and master so that we can help our clients and team members to grow and have the best results possible.

    We are team players and team leaders. We do whatever it takes to stay focused and achieve our goals. We focus on co-operation. We always come to a resolution rather than a compromise. We are flexible in our approach and are able to change our course to attain the best results. We ask for help when we need it and give help to those who seek help from us.

    We have a balanced approach to life. Spiritual, social, physical and family aspects of our lives are just as important as our professional and intellectual. We complete our work and our important tasks first so that we can have quality time with ourselves, our family and our friends and also to renew.

  10. FUN
    We create an atmosphere of fun and happiness.

    We always look to a system for a solution. If a challenge arises, we use a system correction before we look for a people correction. We use a system solution in our innovation rather than a people solution. We follow the system in place until a new one is introduced.

    We are consistent in our actions so that our clients and team mates can feel comfortable in dealing with us at all times. We are disciplined in our work so our results and success are consistent.

    We are a grateful group. We say thank you and show appreciation often and in many ways so that all around us know how much we appreciate each other and every one in our lives.

    Our good and successful work is rewarding to us and to all who receive our efforts. We enjoy sharing the rewards of our work with our clients and with each other.
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When we are initially presented with a project, we evaluate it from a number of angles including scope, location, equipment and materials needed to accomplish the objective, lead time and trades required.

Based on the demands of the project, we formulate a team calling on the most qualified artisans and skilled trades people.

During the estimating process, the team discusses the requirements of the job, and using industry standards and our vast experience, determines the estimated cost of the project. Factors that influence the price include the cost of labor and materials, the amount of time needed to complete the process, insurance costs, the cost for the doing business and a modest profit.

When a contract is signed and a deposit given, we work together with the client to schedule a start date that is mutually acceptable. Together, we work out a job outline in order to give you an idea of how long each phase of the process will take. In this way, you can better plan your time and changes in living habits during the construction phase.

In the time between signing and starting, we procure the necessary approvals, permits and insurance certificates. We order materials and schedule delivery so that we are able to start work efficiently on the agreed upon start date.

Each job has a project manager who will be on site everyday. Your project manager can help you to understand the technical aspects of the project. He will organize the flow of the work in collaboration with the team leader, our owner, who will also make frequent site visits. Both the project manager and owner are always available by telephone, email or in person. Phone messages and emails are generally returned within 24 hours.

We are very careful to communicate frequently and completely with our clients. We discuss any changes that must be made as well as variances with our original time outline, if any. We seek feed back from the client in order to address any concerns or changes from the original plan that the client may feel are needed.

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We at Renaissance Renovations, have a specific crew that addresses the "punch list" items on your project. The Punch List Crew consists of workers whose talents, expertise and temperament qualify them to bring your project to the level of successful completion that you, the client, deserve and we, the contractor, are striving for from the onset. They will perform those little touch ups, tighten that loose knob, straighten a switch plate or whatever it may be that many contractors leave undone to the great frustration of clients.

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Nina Simon has been a licensed contractor in the City of New York since 1996. She founded Renaissance Renovations in 2001. Prior to starting her own contracting business, Nina worked as a carpenter for twenty years. This gives her the unique qualification of understanding not only the project as a whole, but the actual technical steps needed to accomplish the goal.

As team leader, Nina sets the tone of each project. Just like an orchestra or a train conductor, she will assure that the timing of the project moves efficiently forward with the input of the appropriate trades at the proper time.

Her vast life and construction experience enables her to be flexible and creative in finding solutions to the problems that inevitably present themselves when doing renovation and restoration work.

The atmosphere on the job site is productive and respectful to you, to the workers and to the work itself.

Nina has studied interior design at Parsons School for Design in New York City and was an antique dealer for a number of years. She completed the course work for a Masters Degree in French language and literature. She speaks three languages and has traveled extensively.

Nina has three children and writes fiction. She enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, cross-country skiing, reading, going to the theatre, and cooking.

In other words, she is an experienced, sophisticated, artistic woman who brings skill, worldliness and care to your project.

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